Reiki and world events

In a world which is in a state of flux we continuously receive appeals for help of any kind, material, emotional and obviously spiritual. Indeed we often neglect that the causes of so much strife are intrinsically related to our emotional or deeper spiritual situation. 

In recent weeks and following the onset of COVID-19 we have seen some controversial statements about Reiki on some of the related channels. Practitioners are split (division seems to be one of the few common denominators of our era) between those who are willing to help their fellow beings by bestowing Reiki even if not directly asked and those who recoil with horror at the thought of parting with Reiki unasked, or who may be concerned that such a thing may interfere with either individual or group Karma. Well, we decided to debate this and to let you have our opinion of this. You may agree or disagree, we are not here to make friends or followers. If you like our opinion, pass it on, if you disagree ignore it and find another group which vibrates at the same energy level as yours.

Our vision of Reiki is that it consists of three fundamental, diverse, yet related items. The first is the essence of Reiki which is a mystery. You shouldn’t believe anyone who tells you that they know all about it, just as you should be suspicious of anyone who declared they knew the mystery of the Holy Spirit. It is only given to few initiated individuals at the level of Christ, Buddha and alike to understand and be totally in-tune with some of those forms and effects. For most of us our approach to Reiki is based on articles of faith, or individual intuition which is in most instances what links us to the higher self. But we can still assert a few facts. The first and most important is that Reiki is a positive force, a force of healing and love. The second is that it stems from a higher intelligence, way above ours. The third is that while we can channel it but we can’t force it, just as we can’t force a much lower force, like gravity. We all know we can’t force love for example. How could we possibly expect to force something like Reiki at a much higher spiritual level?

So this leaves us to the second point which is that a Reiki practitioner is merely a humble channel for the distribution of Reiki. This is fundamentally the nature of the Attunements. We are tuned up to receive it and to distribute it with the aid of various symbols and specific practices. That’s all. Let us not deceive ourselves that we can manipulate it. We can merely point the force in a direction, letting it be and letting it do what IT is meant to be according to a higher plan. The point of being a channel is important as we need to maintain a purity of thought and action (and that also means being kind to all our fellows practitioners) in order to be much more efficient at channeling the energy. Think of a water pipe, if the inside is clean and smooth water flows more quickly and reaches the tap as pure as possible, if instead the pipe is clogged and dirty we get less water at the end of it and with some contamination too. 

The last and most important point is the one hinted at in the beginning. Reiki is a higher force, way above our mortal understanding. How presumptuous of us therefore to think that aside from offering ourselves as channels we could affect its outcome! What do we mean by this? Just as you can offer Reiki to non sentient entities (at least to our eyes) like trees or stones, you shouldn’t be afraid to offer it to groups of people or individuals for fear of affecting their Karma. Reiki ‘knows’. If an individual accepts it it will work its way around. It may even reroute itself to friends or relatives of the person in question, or its environment, but it will never be wasted and, for example, it is a good practice to affirm that if declined Reiki should return to Mother Earth.

So where does this leave us with world events and in particular to the original point of major epidemics? Well, you would have gathered by now that we positively encourage to assist global, national and regional healing by channeling Reiki where we perceive it may be in need. No damage will ever be caused and it may speed up the recovery and resolution of a situation at levels which are unknown to us. If a touch of Reiki can simply help igniting a spark of understanding, or maybe even facilitating the discovery of a cure it would have been because it was eventually meant to be so, but we would have speeded up the process, not impeded it. We can’t ultimately in our present low energy bodies presume that we would be able to affect Karma at individual level, just as by taking the well known Gospel passage we can’t even count the hairs on our head. It is presumptuous therefore to think that we should withdraw this source of positive energy from our fellow beings just by assuming that we were powerful and knowledgeable enough to affect its outcome. 

So give it freely and frequently to all. It is a gift and as such it must be shared. Let the Universe determine its best direction.

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