We are the unrepentant Reiki rebels. We believe Reiki is a gift that has been bestowed to us to heal people regardless of their race, gender, orientation or income.

We, Reiki practitioners, have been blessed through Attunements and have become active instruments for the transmission of Reiki to all those people (and other creatures) in need of it. ​As a result of this we do not believe in:​

  • Compulsory registration to so called professional bodies including the payment of fees to any organisation or agency
  • Charging large amounts of money for training and Attunements
  • Explicitly requesting fixed and large sums of money for treatment (i.e. limiting Reiki exclusively to one’s ability to pay)
  • The ranking different approaches or disciplines to the practice of Reiki 

​In this very short site you will find a brief introduction on Reiki, some information about us and how you could receive free distance treatment. There are vast resources both on the web, as well as in bookshops about this topic and I invite you to explore it for yourself. The purpose of this site is to give you our outlook on Reiki and a brief introduction on what we could do to help you.

Our Mission

To make Reiki accessible to everyone and in particular to men.

Our History

We started up as a small group of friends with our separate spiritual journeys and realised along the way that we were sharing many things in common and wanted to return some of our knowledge and expertise to anyone in need.

Photo by Enric Cruz Lu00f3pez on Pexels.com
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